VANDY VAPE Berserker mini 22mm MTL RTA 買いました

Hello, everyone in the vapors, how are you? Is not there a lot of people on holiday on Saturdays? What are you guys doing on such Saturdays? I do not mind playing with VAPE once in a while but I think it is not bad to go out with her boyfriend and friends and go out to play! Look, spring is coming soon!
(やあ、ベイパーのみんな、元気?土曜日は休みの人も多いんじゃないか?そんな土曜日、みんなは何をするんだい?ふふっ…VAPE ばっかりいじってないでたまには彼氏彼女や友達と外に出て遊びに行くのも悪くないと思うぜ!ほら、春はもうすぐそこまで来てるんだから!)

Huh? What is that I doing? This way I'm writing a blog while staying home. Yes? Is not it different from what I am talking about? Do not mind it! There is no dust if you care about people! First of all, think about what you enjoy! here we go! let's go!

It is this guy writing on this blog

VANDY VAPE Berserker mini 22mm MTL RTA

Recently "Atomizer" is named after "MTL" many ...
I guess they are all asking for taste ...
But just remember this!
I do not taste the banana that only glycerin is sucked with MTL specialized type atomizer! Ahaah!

What is in the box ... It is like this

Berserker Mini MTL RTA
Ultem tube
2 ml glass tube
Accessory bag


Diameter: 22 mm
Length: 31.7 mm (not including threads or DT)
Capacity: 2 ml
容量:2ml )

Gee that? What is this? ! If you look closely you are going upside down!
Come on ... Please forgive me ... something else but ...

Oh, by the way, this is because it's a tank of metal so it looks like RDA at first glance, but it's "RTA",You know what?

It is my favorite that Ultem's tank tube and drip tip are attached. It can be used for other purposes as well as drip chips.
Now, let's disassemble it and see it!

I am relieved to have such a manual of such feeling!

First of all, we recommend that you first wash with ethanol after opening, when there is oil or something attached!

Let's look at the deck

For single coil, bottom airflow

Airflow control is like this

When turning the ring at the bottom of the deck ... this is the biggest hole ...

The second largest hole

The third…

Fourth ...

And it is the smallest hole

I saw it The most small hole makes me feel MTL specialized type well But I do not know unless you actually suck on other holes ...

And the back of the deck looks like this

OK, let's build it right away

Let's use the coil that was attached this time

I guess the position of the coil is obediently in this place ... Or, I guess this is the only place ...

Through this favorite cotton lately ...

Well ... what should we use for the tank tube ... let's try a little ...

It looks like tall RDA ... but there is a sense of security that it will not break ...

this is…?

It's like RTA! (Lol)

So how about this one?

Oh ... It feels good ... after all Ultem is nice ... it's so cool!

Now, let's suck it!

It is comfortable to put in from the top. Moreover, it is easy to put in because it is a large hole

Let's suck while changing airflow, in descending order

Oh! It's heavier than I thought ... the taste is well appearing ... it's a good feeling!

I feel that sucking comfort will not change much ... But I feel like sucking enough to play a role as MTL

I wonder if it can be said that you are comfortable to enjoy natural MTL, it is such a feeling. The taste is delicious normally! thumbs up!

delicious! Delicious! I just do not feel like I do not think the draw will change so much ...

Yeah, it's heavy. If it sucks according to the place whether it is totally closed or not, it sucks and sounds ... But it is delicious, this is very good

If the mist is told that the texture is fine, it is not so ... It is not too rough and it is normal, normal

Ah! What is this! Leaky! Did not you tighten it properly! Chicken!

※After that ... There were no leaks if tightened properly.

See You!!!

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